Your Pub Can

#YourPubCan! If you want to raise funds for a specific project, charity or local team within your community we can help. Your local pub could be the solution to a financial problem in your area. We are shortly to announce the results of the nominations.

Your Pub Can. Our pubs are firmly at the heart of local communities across the length and breadth of Britain

We’ve partnered with the Carling Made Local Fund to support local community groups, initiatives and charities associated with our pubs. And thanks to your nominations for specific projects the panel are now able to select those worthy recipients.

We’re working closely with our selected good causes to fulfill their projects to bring real benefit to communities from Scarbrough to Plymouth. Watch this space to see the impact and how our pubs have made a difference.

Does your local pub do lots for the local area? We’d love to know! Share with us on Facebook using #YourPubCan

YourPubCan supports communities

See the type of community projects which have benefited from funding in the past.