National Pub Fortnight

National Pub Fortnight is now over for another year.  We will be running activity again next year. Don’t wait for National Pub Fortnight though to support your local pub.

National Pub Fortnight 2019

Sorry it’s over for another year! National Pub Fortnight.  Come back next year from 17th July to 2nd August 2020

There are so many reasons to visit your local, the friendly pub. Why not drop in and get some words of wisdom from your local Landlord or Landlady for real, or just for fun try our Thinker or Drinker Quiz?

Thinker or Drinker

Time to 'Find' Yourself in The Pub!

Thinker or Drinker?

Try Our Words of Wisdom Quiz

Is it the wise words from your local pub or a great thinker? Give our quiz a try.

Thinker or Drinker?