The Starving Rascal Stourbridge

The Starving Rascal in Stourbridge, like most pubs have a tale to tell.  So local folklore has it, a poor man died outside this pub after being refused shelter.

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The Starving Rascal is nestled in the heart of Amblecote, a sleepy West Midlands village. Despite its idyllic appearance, the pub holds some dark secrets.

The pub is more than 200-years old and originally opened as The Dudley Arms. According to local legend, a heart-breaking set of circumstances in the early 20th century led to the pub becoming haunted by a local beggar.

A ‘rascal’ is said to have asked the landlord for food and water but was refused. The man then laid down for the night in the cold pub doorway and was found dead in the same spot the next morning.

Since that fateful night, the pub is said to ‘come alive’ with paranormal activity – especially around Halloween.
In 1977, the pub was renamed ‘The Starving Rascal’ in homage to its spooky past.
Do you have the nerve to try and catch a glimpse of The Rascal?

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Paranormal activity or high winds in the pub?