Haunted Ye Olde Salutation – Nottingham

Ye Olde Salutation in Nottingham is welcoming all the spirits this Halloween.  Customers are invited  to 'murder a song’ on the karaoke, and the team will be creating a horror dungeon in the spooky caves below the pub.

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Ye Olde Salutation has it all, secret caves, Roman legions and a young flower seller called Rosie. These are just some of the things you will hear across the bar in Nottingham’s oldest pub.
Local legend has it that Rosie was accidentally struck by a carriage in the courtyard when she was just four or five years old. After the accident, she was carried down to the caves beneath the pub to keep her cool, but tragically she died before a doctor could get to her.

Rosie is believed to have scratched guests at the pub. That is until, however, a landlord placed a doll for her in the cave, a practice that continues to this day.
There are also stories of a Roman legion emerging from the wall and marching through the cellar, along with three tragic landlords, all called John.
In honour of Rosie and Halloween, the Ye Olde Salutation will be hosting a ‘Karaoke purge night – it’s legal to murder a song’, and staff will be creating a horror dungeon in the caves below the pub.

Why not join them and find out more about its resident ghosts?

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