Family Pub

Traditional family time in the pub.  Pub’s that are child-friendly or go that extra mile in making children welcome with special touches to their menu or family games to subside the boredom. The pub is a great inclusive place for all the generations so don’t forget to use it.

Pub staff smiling with a mum and baby

What do families want in a pub?  We spoke to our pub landlords and asked them how they make families feel welcome in their pubs.  We then check their pub reviews to ensure families do really love their pubs and then we gather their details here.

We can help to take the stress out of a trip out with the kids by showcasing our family-friendly pubs. Find your perfect family outing with Great British Pubs, we have pubs with child-friendly food, areas and games or distractions to keep your little ones entertained.

Make a trip to the pub more fun for everyone.

A family enjoying a meal in a local pub beer garden