Sports Pubs for great match viewing with friends

Whether it’s the big match or a photo finish in the big race, a cracking atmosphere makes any sport more exciting, and the pub’s where you’re sure to find it.

Six Nations rugby, Premier League and Champions League football, the climax of the Open golf or a cricket cup final

Every sporting occasion is even more special when you’re watching in a packed pub full of passionate fans, with a pint in your hand and a pie on the way. Whether you need a Sky Sports venue or it’s a BT Sport occasion we have a pub that fits the sporting event.

You can put the pundits right in the post-match inquest with your mates too. Much more fun that sitting at home! What’s the next major sporting moment you’re looking forward to? Find the perfect pub to catch it with your friends.

Sky Sports

More of the sports you want to see, with crucial fixtures in the Premier league. Catch all the action at your favourite sports pub