Find a pub doing takeaway near you

Fancy some pub grub in the comfort of your own home? Bring pub meals and pints to you with our list of Great British Pubs that are now doing takeaway!

Pub takeaway food fish and chips

Pub grub in the comfort of your own home

What comes to mind when you think of pub grub? Hotpot, Pie, Fish & Chips?

Pub food has come a long way from a bag of scratchings and a packet of crisps at the bar. These days, you’ll find some of the best home-cooked meals around at your local pub. From Thai Green Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, Vegan Burgers or a Moussaka – there’s something for everyone.

Better still, as pubs have grown and developed with our consumer needs, they’ve done the seemingly impossible and made pub food even more homely! How you ask? By allowing you to have your favourite pub dinner, right from the comfort of your own home.

Fancy a pub meal takeaway?

You can order online or by phone and take away your favourite pub meal, meaning you don’t have to miss out on that delicious pub meal you’re thinking about right now, when you fancy a quiet night in in front of the telly.

We think you’ll love the pubs we’ve found offering a takeaway service. Search for your nearest takeaway pub using our pub finder!

Pub doing takeaway pizza