Long Live the Local: Freeze in Beer Duty Welcomed by Great British Pubs

Great British Pubs has welcomed the news of a freeze in beer duty, following a campaign by Long Live the Local. On the 11th March 2020, the Chancellor announced a beer duty freeze. This freeze, which has replaced the planned increase, offers welcome relief to Britain's pubs and brewers.

Beer Duty Freeze Long Live the Local

What is Long Live the Local?

Long Live The Local is a campaign that launched in July 2018, which celebrates the economic and social importance of Britain’s pubs and brewers, and calls for a cut in beer duty.

We believe that UK Pubs are overtaxed

The UK has one of the highest Beer Duty (tax) rates in Europe, and is three times the EU average. The government collects £3.5 billion every year in Beer Duty, as well as almost £10 billion in other taxes on pubs and brewers. Along with Business rates and VAT, Beer Duty is putting pubs under enormous pressure; every day pubs are closing their doors for good.British beer drinkers pay up to twelve times more beer duty than other EU Countries tax payers.

What has been achieved so far?

Since 2018, 341,926 people have signed Long Live The Local petitions, 161,990 people have written to their MP, and over 25,000 pubs have actively supported the campaign with posters and drip mats.

This support led to the Chancellor announcing a 12 month beer duty freeze at the Budget on March 11th, instead of the planned increase. This is a great decision and follows a previous freeze in 2018. These decisions show that Government is listening, and willing to provide much needed support for the UK’s brewing and pub industries.

What happens next?

The two freezes are welcomed, but we still believe that a significant cut in beer duty is needed to protect these industries permanently. Our campaign will continue in 2020, but right now we’re very grateful to the Chancellor for his support at this Budget.

Long Live The Local is backed by a broad alliance of pubs, pub groups and brewers who together form Britain’s Beer Alliance. The alliance was formed in 2014 to promote beer and pubs and encourage collaboration across the industry.

Long Live the Local are working on some new plans and will be back soon!

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