'Long Live the Local' Relaunched

Great British Pubs has welcomed the relaunch of  the 'Long Live the Local' campaign, following the news that all pubs in England can reopen from 4 July. The campaign, which is backed by Britain's Beer Alliance, is encouraging people to visit their local pub following months of closure.

Long Live the Local Great British Pubs

What is Long Live the Local?

Long Live The Local is a campaign that launched in July 2018, celebrating the economic and social importance of Britain’s pubs and brewers and specifically calling for a freeze in beer duty.

Visiting your local pub safely

When pubs start opening in July, things will be a little different. That’s because the safety of customers and staff is the most important thing to get right.

Pubs will be doing all they can to make it safe for you customers to return and they’ll also be asking you to help keep them safe; any rules they put in place are there to protect both you and staff so it’s vitally important they’re followed.

What’s different about the new campaign?

The new campaign is aimed at pub goers, encouraging them to show their much-needed support to local pubs when they reopen in July. It will also highlight other great initiatives that pubs and breweries are driving to help the safe reopening and recovery of a sector that has been severely impacted by months of closure.

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