Great British Pubs Supports Long Live the Local 2019

Great British Pubs Supports Long Live the Local 2019;  Stop the UK Government over-taxing beer and help support your local pub. After all the pub is at the heart of your community. And we don't want to lose any more of our local pubs.

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What is Long Live the Local About?

Our local pubs are under threat from a range of burdens, one of which is the tax pressure our landlords face with 1 in every 3 pounds spent in pubs going straight to the taxman. The three key taxes pubs face are Beer Duty, Business Rates and VAT.

Last year the Chancellor listened to 116,000 Long Live the Local petitioners and announced a beer duty freeze. It shows that the Government recognises the collective social and financial significance of local pubs. However, the Government still has RPI linked increases to Beer Duty planned for next year and subsequent years, so the 2019 petition has already started to ensure the freeze isn’t a one-off action and that the Government continues to shield our treasured British pubs and brewers.

We believe that UK Pubs are overtaxed

The UK has one of the highest Beer Duty (tax) rates in Europe, and is three times the EU average. The government collects £3.5 billion every year in Beer Duty, as well as almost £10 billion in other taxes on pubs and brewers. Along with Business rates and VAT, Beer Duty is putting pubs under enormous pressure; every day pubs are closing their doors for good.British beer drinkers pay up to twelve times more beer duty than other EU Countries tax payers.

It’s not all about money

The Great British Pub is a traditional institution that we all need to protect. After all one in four of us fell in love in a pub and one in three of us know our local landlord by name, so why not support him or her in keeping their pub viable for a future for all the following generations.

Check out how much support the 2019 Long Live the Local campaign has so far. Don’t forget to sign up and give your local pub your support and you can easily lobby your local MP too.

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1 in 3 Pounds Spent in Pubs Goes to UK Tax

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